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YAKIMA replacement lock cylinder. Sold individually (by the each) SPECIFY THE CYLINDER NUMBER YOU NEED IN THE DROP DOWN LIST (i.e.Cylinder # A131) The number is stamped on the face of the lock or on your key.
If you do not have a YAKIMA REMOVAL key, you will need one to remove an existing lock cylinder or to install a new cylinder.

Part Numbers

Option MPN Store SKU
A131 YAK8871131 YAKCYLA131
A132 YAK8871132 YAKCYLA132
A133 YAK8871133 YAKCYLA133
A134 YAK8871134 YAKCYLA134
A135 YAK8871135 YAKCYLA135
A136 YAK8871136 YAKCYLA136
A137 YAK8871137 YAKCYLA137
A138 YAK8871138 YAKCYLA138
A139 YAK8871139 YAKCYLA139
A140 YAK8871140 YAKCYLA140
A141 YAK8871141 YAKCYLA141
A142 YAK8871142 YAKCYLA142
A143 YAK8871143 YAKCYLA143
A144 YAK8871144 YAKCYLA144
A145 YAK8871145 YAKCYLA145
A146 YAK8871146 YAKCYLA146
A147 YAK8871147 YAKCYLA147
A148 YAK8871148 YAKCYLA148
A149 YAK8871149 YAKCYLA149
A150 YAK8871150 YAKCYLA150
A151 YAK8871151 YAKCYLA151
A152 YAK8871152 YAKCYLA152
A153 YAK8871153 YAKCYLA153
A154 YAK8871154 YAKCYLA154
A155 YAK8871155 YAKCYLA155