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Inno Racks Inno Fit Hook K700-K799

Inno Racks Inno Fit Hook K700-K799
Fit Hook K700-799:
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Hooks and pads (Fit Kits) are used to mount Stays to vehicles with smooth roof or track systems.
This may not be required depending on the model of car.
Hooks and pads are vehicle specific please consult the INNO Fit Guide for the proper fit.

Part Numbers

Option MPN Store SKU
K701 K701 RVK701
K704 K704 RVK704
K705 K705 RVK705
K707 K707
K709 K709 RVK709
K711 K711 RVK711
K721 K721 RVK721
K722 K722 RVK722
K727 K727 RVK727
K729 K729 RVK729
K735 K735 RVK735
K742 K742 RVK742
K745 K745 RVK745
K746 K746 RVK746
K748 K748 RVK748
K749 K749 RVK749
K750 K750 RVK750
K752 K752 RVK752
K753 K753 RVK753
K755 K755 RVK755
K758 K758 RVK758
K759 K759 RVK759
K766 K766 RVK766
K771 K771 RVK771
K773 K773 RVK773
K775 K775 RVK775
K777 K777 RVK777
K778 K778 RVK778
K780 K780 RVK780
K784 K784 RVK784
K785 K785 RVK785
K788 K788 RVK788
K789 K789 RVK789
K791 K791 RVK791
K794 K794 RVK794
K795 K795 RVK795
K796 K796 RVK796
K797 K797 RVK797