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Inno Racks Inno Fit Hook K600-K699

Inno Racks Inno Fit Hook K600-K699
Fit Hook K600-699:
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Hooks and pads (Fit Kits) are used to mount Stays to vehicles with smooth roof or track systems.
This may not be required depending on the model of car.
Hooks and pads are vehicle specific please consult the INNO Fit Guide for the proper fit.

Part Numbers

Option MPN Store SKU
K600 K600 RVK600
K602 K602 RVK602
K603 K603 RVK603
K604 K604 RVK604
K605 K605 RVK605
K606 K606 RVK606
K607 K607 RVK607
K608 K608 RVK608
K609 K609 RVK609
K610 K610 RVK610
K611 K611 RVK611
K616 K616 RVK616
K621 K621 RVK621
K623 K623 RVK623
K624 K624 RVK624
K627 K627 RVK627
K628 K628 RVK628
K629 K629 RVK629
K641 K641 RVK641
K642 K642 RVK642
K643 K643 RVK643
K645 K645 RVK645
K646 K646 RVK646
K653 K653 RVK653
K656 K656 RVK656
K666 K666 RVK666
K667 K667 RVK667
K668 K668 RVK668
K676 K676 RVK676
K680 K680 RVK680
K683 K683 RVK683
K684 K684 RVK684
K685 K685 RVK685
K686 K686 RVK686
K688 K688 RVK688
K689 K689 RVK689
K690 K690 RVK690
K691 K691 RVK691
K692 K692 RVK692
K693 K693 RVK693
K694 K694 RVK694
K695 K695 RVK695