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Inno Racks Inno Fit Hook K500-K599

Inno Racks Inno Fit Hook K500-K599
Fit Hook K500-599:
Please select options Unavailable


Hooks and pads (Fit Kits) are used to mount Stays to vehicles with smooth roof or track systems.
This may not be required depending on the model of car.
Hooks and pads are vehicle specific please consult the INNO Fit Guide for the proper fit.

Part Numbers

Option MPN Store SKU
K501 K501 RVK501
K504 K504 RVK504
K507 K507 RVK507
K509 K509 RVK509
K510 K510 RVK510
K512 K512 RVK512
K513 K513 RVK513
K514 K514 RVK514
K515 K515 RVK515
K516 K516 RVK516
K521 K521 RVK521
K526 K526 RVK526
K527 K527 RVK527
K528 K528 RVK528
K530 K530 RVK530
K532 K532 RVK532
K533 K533 RVK533
K535 K535 RVK535
K537 K537 RVK537
K538 K538 RVK538
K540 K540 RVK540
K542 K542 RVK542
K544 K544 RVK544
K545 K545 RVK545
K546 K546 RVK546
K547 K547 RVK547
K548 K548 RVK548
K549 K549 RVK549
K550 K550 RVK550
K551 K551 RVK551
K552 K552 RVK552
K554 K554 RVK554
K555 K555 RVK555
K556 K556 RVK556
K557 K557 RVK557
K558 K558 RVK558
K561 K561 RVK561
K563 K563 RVK563
K564 K564 RVK564
K566 K566 RVK566
K567 K567 RVK567
K571 K571 RVK571
K572 K572 RVK572
K573 K573 RVK573
K574 K574 RVK574
K575 K575 RVK575
K577 K577 RVK577
K578 K578 RVK578
K580 K580 RVK580
K582 K582 RVK582
K584 K584 RVK584
K585 K585 RVK585
K587 K587 RVK587
K590 K590 RVK590
K591 K591 RVK591
K592 K592 RVK592
K593 K593 RVK593