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Inno Racks Inno Fit Hook K100-K199

Inno Racks Inno Fit Hook K100-K199
Fit Hooks K104-K600:
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Hooks and pads (Fit Kits) are used to mount Stays to vehicles with smooth roof or track systems.
This may not be required depending on the model of car.
Hooks and pads are vehicle specific please consult the INNO Fit Guide for the proper fit.

Part Numbers

Option MPN Store SKU
K104 K104 RVK104
K106 K106 RVK106
K108 K108 RVK108
K112 K112 RVK112
K113 K113 RVK113
K114 K114 RVK114
K115 K115 RVK115
K116 K116 RVK116
K117 K117 RVK117
K118 K118 RVK118
K122 K122 RVK122
K123 K123 RVK123
K124 K124 RVK124
K127 K127 RVK127
K130 K130 RVK130
K134 K134 RVK134
K136 K136 RVK136
K137 K137 RVK137
K139 K139 RVK139
K140 K140 RVK140
K143 K143 RVK143
K146 K146 RVK146
K148 K148 RVK148
K149 K149 RVK149
K153 K153 RVK153
K161 K161 RVK161
K163 K163 RVK163
K165 K165 RVK165
K167 K167 RVK167
K170 K170 RVK170
K173 K173 RVK173
K177 K177 RVK177
K183 K183 RVK183
K190 K190 RVK190
K191 K191 RVK191
K193 K193 RVK193
K195 K195 RVK195
K196 K196 RVK196
K198 K198 RVK198