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Hitch Safe HitchSafe Replacement Drawer (new style)

Hitch Safe HitchSafe Replacement Drawer (new style)
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The newest revision of the HitchSafe (launched August 1, 2011) requires a different drawer style and the prior drawer is not compatible with this system. To know if you have the new style of HitchSafe:
See photo to the right:

1. The drawer itself is different with each corner having an angle notch out of it
2. The "A" new version of the HitchSafe has two rivets on each side to secure flange to extruded vault.

3. Inside the Vault portion of the HitchSafe above the spring on the back wall (A3) will have the following version code with 2011 or newer being the new version HS7041

4. A1- The bolt release flat bars will be flush with opening

5. A2- There will be no screws on each corner and they will be flush with the opening as well.

Part Numbers

HS7040N HITHS7040N